2015:  We are planning a ticketed event on Sunday the 27th of September at the Assembly Rooms in Bath.

We have created successful events over the past decade combining installations and films tailored to the profile of each venue. We can combine our team & yours to provide a commercial, educational, cost effective promotional package.

Please contact us if you are planning an Event.

commercial FILMs

The London Film Fashion Centre Ltd, led by Andrea Galer, creates commercial films that link past to present day. 
The films help corporate companies, local businesses and heritage sites to promote their projects.

Thanks to her extensive experience in the film and television industry, Andrea's Creative Team will provide a sensitive take on an area's history. Performers and actors will highlight the subject of your project in an innovative way to attract customers, inform visitors and promote revenue from investors. We can help you organise live events to promote your project, during which the films can be screened.


'The Girl in the Red Dress'

'The Girl in the Red Dress' a vehicle to transport you in and out of chosen locations. 

In our productions we can combine the Cosprop costumes with Andrea’s own costume collection which can be hired or purchased from the store. this providing unlimited links to Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA winning productions.

This film with its script, storyboard and crew is used to create a 2 minute commercial film that can be purchased for commercial purposes. The film is used for product placement, brand promotion and awareness of tourist destinations and businesses.

Mark Richards full size wax sculpture

         Mark Richards

         Mark Richards

“Mark Richards is, in my opinion, one of the finest figure and portrait sculptors in Great Britain. Combining a comprehensive understanding of sculptural techniques with a rare sensitivity of touch, his work exhibits both cohesive composition and great beauty of form.

Mark is a pleasure to deal with; he combines professional efficiency and responsibility with great warmth and attentiveness.  His natural interest in people is so evidently reflected in his figurative work.

In conclusion, Mark Richards brings renewed vigour to the art of statuary and I would not be surprised were he to equal, if not exceed, the achievements of the finest figurative sculptors in the United Kingdom.”

Johannes von Stumm PPRBS - President of The Royal British Society of Sculptors 2009-12.


Andrea worked with Mark Richards and Nell Clarke in producing a full sized sculpture of Jane Austin for the Jane Austin Centre in Bath.

Portrait by J. H. Thompson at the Bronte Parsonage Museum

Portrait by J. H. Thompson at the Bronte Parsonage Museum

Full size wax sculpture of charlotte Bronte


Mark Richards, Nell Clarke & Andrea Galer are offering a full sized Wax Sculpture with an original Costume from Andrea's Costume Collection.

The sculpture is an incredibly detailed and accurate representation of Charlotte Bronte. 

This sculpture is an ideal work to be placed in an exhibition space, museum and gallery.




Cost of Sculpture: £40,000

Cost of Costume can be quoted depending on which costume you require.



Haddon Hall, Derbyshire (2008)

In the BBC's adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s, Jane Eyre, Haddon Hall was the remarkable location for the novel’s Thornfield Hall, where Mr. Rochester resided. Andrea's award winning costumes returned to this breath-taking medieval house after filming for a stay of four months, where Bronte's story was brought back to life once more.With costumes displayed wonderfully throughout the rooms, visitors could loose themselves in the moment and re- discover the characters and the period again and again


16 New Jersey Street, Jersey (2012)

The opening of 16 New Street in Jersey provided visitors a chance to see a beautiful house that has been restored using timeless craft skills.

This included the outfit worn in the adjacent portrait, which was recreated by Andrea and her team.

The white dress and turban are both on display in the house.


Wells & Mendip Museum, Somerset (2009)

An exhibition featuring the costumes from BBC's Miss Austen Regrets, showcasing them tastefully throughout the rooms, with windows that overlooked the striking Cathedral Green.

Original costumes and information boards were sensitive to the style of the property.


Haddon Hall (2012)

The Emmy award-winning costumes for BBC’s Jane Eyre returned to Haddon Hall from 28th July to 2nd September 2012.

The display included the wedding dress designed for Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre. This was one of the first costumes to feature the new lace designed by Andrea made by the lace makers of Galle who were supported by The Power of Hands Foundation.


Fenton House, London (2008)

This exhibition focused on the costumes from BBC's Miss Austen Regrets, featuring everything from the bonnets right down to the corsets. It provided a fascinating insight into the history of fashion.

During Jane Austen's time, Tea was also an important part of everyday life, much like it is today. This exhibition explored the Georgian relationship with this popular import.


Jane Austen Centre, Bath (2008)

This inspirational exhibition delved in to the themes of crafts and lifestyle whilst simultaneously presenting the costumes from BBC's production of Miss Austen Regrets. This remarkable exhibition included a short 10-minute film that ran throughout the day. The film went hand in hand with the tailor made installation; using quotations from Austen's work, exclusive film footage and delightful music.

Visitors described their experience as 'enchanting', 'educational' and 'thoroughly enjoyable'.


Jane Austen Centre, Bath (2007)

The costumes from ITV's Persuasion were displayed in the Georgian city of Bath, the original setting for Jane Austen's final masterpiece. Each costume had its own display board detailing the colour choices, fabrics used and the history of the garment. There was also a short 10 minute film with clips from the adaptation, quotations from Austen's work and beautiful classical music.


Ham House (Miss Austen Regrets) (2007)

An interactive exhibition looking at what Christmas might have been like during the Regency times. It focused on food the activities of the Festive season in 19th century England and also featured the costume from BBC's Miss Austen Regrets. The short film and attractive information boards informed and educated visitors, as well as blending in nicely with the interiors of Ham House.


Fenton House, London (2007)

EVENT: Drinks and canapés accompany an exclusive screening of 'Behind the Scenes of Jane Eyre' which showed how Andrea used fashion and film to raise awareness of the plight of textile workers in Sri Lanka after the tsunami.


Fenton House, London (2006)

The award winning costumes featured in BBC's Bleak House took center stage at this remarkable exhibition. It explored the concept of what goes into making costumes for the 21st century film industry. It addressed the various skills required to create the perfect garment as well as the importance of ensuring that the actor feels comfortable whilst in character.Additional elements such as the display boards accompanied the costumes beautifully and we were respectful the building’s historical surroundings.


Fenton House, London (2009)

Focusing on AG Arts and Crafts this exhibition featured costumes from films to highlight the huge contribution that handmade crafts make to the film industry. It also highlighted the importance of supporting craftspeople around the world in embroidery, lace-making, tatting and beading.

There were also fundraising events to raise awareness and financial support for the lace makers in Galle after the devastating tsunami in Sri Lanka.


Fenton House, London (2005)

Fenton House proudly hosted the unforgettable costumes from BBC's Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Silk Stocking staring Rupert Everett.


Fenton House, London (2004)

The gorgeous costumes from two successful productions; He Knew He Was Right and Eroica, blended perfectly with the interior of Fenton House. Visitors enjoyed and admired the many dresses as seen on stars such as Christina Cole.


(Withnail and I, Mansfield Park and others) Fenton House (2003)

Fenton House exhibited costumes from Take a Girl Like You (2000), Withnail and I (1987) among others. Mannequins were arranged informally around the rooms, rather than in glass cases, which allowed the guests to appreciate the amazing detail of the antique, custom made trimmings and the high quality of the craftsmanship up close. A special evening, 'Withnail and You', was also arranged, which included a special screening of the cult classic, fine wine and cakes. As an extra bonus members of the audience performed scenes from the film and the best recital was rewarded with a Withnail coat.


Fenton House (2002)

This exhibition featured costumes from BBC's production of Anthony Trollope's, The Way We Live Now (2001), along with bridal wear inspired by Andrea’s costumes from the films Firelight (1996), Imogen's Face(1998)
and Mansfield Park (1998). The costumes were set out sensitively around the existing contents of rooms and great care was taken to ensure we adhered to National Trust standards. Due to popular demand this extraordinary exhibition was extended, running a total of 4 weeks. During this period it was reported that visiting numbers increased by 10% compared to the same period the year before with a significant number of visitors citing the exhibition for their main reason for visiting.


Whitchurch Mill, Hampshire

Retail display promoting the sale of 'Power of Hands' Lace goods, all ethically produced by the survivors of the devastating Tsunami