coat tales

This page is dedicated to the growing crowd of Withnail Coat fans of which Andrea has had a wonderful time meeting and communicating with. If you have any memories or tales regarding the Withnail Coat we would love to hear from you.


Matthew Trevor-Roper

Matthew has known Andrea all his life. His Mother grew up with Andrea in Cambridge and have been friends since the age of 17. Matthew has worked with Andrea over the years and regards his Withnail Coat as one of his most cherished possesions. He is often spotted in Oxford telling people to "throw themselves in the road".




Myke Bartlett

Myke is an Australian Journalist and author who ordered a coat and is a massive Withnail fan who follows Andrea's work and wrote a great feature on the Withnail Coat. You can see his artice here.

Myke's Webite can be found at


Janet Tristram

Janet ordered a coat, and wore it on her pilgrimage to Crow Crag - the spiritual home of Withnail and I, where they show the film on a yearly basis in the grounds of Monty's Coattage.



David Plate

David Plate ordered a Withnail Coat. David is a creative who has an amazing connection with Withnail and I and the Coat. To put it in Davids words:

"Life in this body is too short to not walk in such an ideal covering, and I am eternally grateful for the work of Andrea Galer, who is without question one of the loveliest and most brilliant artists I have ever had the pleasure to share thoughts and ideas with".


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